Evil Sandwich Studios is a small and independent games studio. So that's it: we make games !
We are currently focusing on small to medium sized games and, as every opportunity to make games is an excuse, we also enter game jams.
Our work so far:


Ringgz is a colorful arcade game where you use a ball to break blocks while trying to keep it inside the screen. Sounds familiar? Yes, inspired in classics like Arkanoid or Breakout but with a twist: the blocks are disposed in a circle.


Crystallia is a real time action strategy game with tower-defense features and an offensive component which can be played by two players or in a single-player campaign mode. The game's target platform are multi-touch tablets.

Tiny Journey

Tiny Journey is a graphical adventure where you control a tiny kid with huge dreams. With an engaging storyline, the game features text-based interaction with the world, puzzle-like challenges, and beautiful art and music.